Okay, so maybe I was looking for another way to champion HdV Wines.

What is so wrong with that? I help make the wines and am quite proud of them. Yes yes, it is not the purpose of this blog, but hey, part of the purpose of this blog is to allow me to sort out viticulture and enology topics and HDV is the primary source for this diary. Anyway, to the title. I was reading Eric Asimov’s blog today because he was praising our 2004 Chardonnay from Hyde Vineyards (thank you, Eric). One thing that struck me though is that I completely resonated with his comments about white wine. Briefly, Asimov stated that he and many in his wine group were discussing that fact that at home, outside of old vintages and the world of collectors, they predominately drink white wine. Now, I don’t have many old vintages and certainly nary a collectible, but I do find myself imbibing predominantly on white wine even now that the weather has turned cool.

There are several reasons of course.

First, I have more of it in my cellar, and my cellar needs to be depleted, not added on to (though I do always accept donations).

Second, the Reds I do have in my cellar are getting better and better which has led me to the conclusion that more and more I like to drink red wine that has seen some increase in complexity due to bottle age. Therefore I am sitting on a bunch of my reds.

Third, I often start with a glass of wine while cooking, and follow with one accompanying dinner. Often I enjoy a white wine better without food, relative to a red wine without food. Finally, like Eric Asimov, I think that really good white wines are easier to find at lower prices than really good red wines. It’s not that value reds aren’t available, but it seems harder to miss with whites than reds.

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