Have tea in the house?

I can just smell it. Fall is right around the corner. I thought 91 degrees was a relief from the heat. But boy does the mid 80s feel like fall!


That cool breeze and low humidity…all I can say is YES YES YES!


I’m on my front porch covered in cat hair from my lovely little Ms. Mabel. As I sit here, I feel peace and relief. Something I have been searching for a long time.


About 9 days ago, I quit drinking sweet tea. You would think the 7 fillings I had this summer would have stopped me from drinking sweet tea, but no! For the past couple of months, I’ve had pounding headaches every single day. They were so bad that my husband would have to squeeze my head and rub the back of my neck every night. I was tired all of the time and could never fall asleep.


I decided last week to quit drinking all caffeine. Which meant I had to give up my precious tea. I would drive to get a sweet tea every afternoon. I would have it for every meal. I’m addicted to it. I gave it up cold turkey, something I have done once before. It was hard for three days. My body was in shock. I had headaches really bad for a couple of days and craved it, but I just chugged water all day long.


Since then, my headaches have pretty much disappeared. I am able to fall asleep faster and sleep longer. I feel better and have lost a little bit of weight. When I get tired, I workout instead of having sweet tea. I think I’m going to keep going with this plan of no tea. It’s sad, but I can’t handle the headaches…especially when I’m doing photo sessions.


So…hooray for no headaches!