If you are a coffee lover who likes your coffee with a little more flavor to it and are not too fond of the strong-tasting espresso, then you might want to try a cappuccino or mocha. Curious? Well, read on to find out more on these two very tasty beverages. A nice, hot cup of cappuccino is a wonderful milky delight. To make a cappuccino, you first have to mix the milk and espresso and lastly, the freshly frothed milk.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, why not make a Milky Way cappuccino? To do this you will need to add an ounce of the chocolate bar to the normal 6 to 9 ounce beverage. Mix it well before the steamed and frothed milk is added.

If the Milky Way cappuccino is too sweet for your liking, then mocha is the way to go. You get a kick of chocolate without it being overly sweet. You won’t find this drink served in a cup but rather a tall glass and unlike a cappuccino, it is not topped with frothy milk. This beverage is finished off with cream just before being served for a smooth, sweet taste. If you’d like to try your hand at making one yourself, mix together in a pan milk, sugar, cocoa and coffee. However, it is important to get the right blend of cocoa and coffee for the perfect mocha taste.

The cappuccino and mocha drinks are very different from each other. While a cappuccino is made from first steaming the milk and adding frothed milk, mocha uses milk, sugar and cocoa and has a base of espresso.

Some people find the strong taste of espresso a bit harsh on their taste buds. Mochas and cappuccinos, on the other hand, are a nice when you want a lighter drink. They can be very expensive in coffee shops so it saves a lot of money making them at home instead. Just buy yourself an espresso-maker and sit back and enjoy a nice, hot, steaming cup of your favorite beverage.