I wanted to go over some my blackjack tips for you basically first up most important play your game you know um sometimes you’ll have some tables where your players would be grumpy be grouchy or you know they’re they want to talk about you know you know like how you should play your hand and and things like that and here’s a perfect example you know we have a twelve versus a two it’s you know everybody would presumably stay with these hands anyway so I talked to you know the player with twelve proper basic strategy you’re supposed to hit a 12 versus 203 but it’s one of those things where like the you know like the your advantage by doing so is like that that tiny. Read more about different casino games at  CasinoSlots.

It really doesn’t matter like if you do or don’t as far as the other players are concerned you know when he’s like if you decide to take a hit alright so now you’ve got a 18 you know then the dealer ends up making you know they need dealer ends up making a 17 say somebody at the table you know you know had something that was worse like you know at the 17 right then he gets mad at this guy because you know it’s like if he didn’t take this card then dealer would ended up breaking and he would have gotten paid every now and then you get in a situation like that don’t let that faze you play your game because you know at the end of the day you know when when you win money he’s like or somebody else at the table wins money they’re gonna go home with their is you’re going to go home with yours so another thing too is to I’d like to just make sure you know you should make you should make sure to take care of your dealers i whatever possible.

Because the other people make make it happen they’re just the messenger you know that things are going bad you know it’s it’s not cool to kind of blow up at him because you know all he’s doing is just dealing cards you know so a lot of times what you could do you could put up a bet in front of your your hand for the dealer’s right and you know for hearing everybody’s betting 200 so you put 5 up for the dealer you know what you want to tip that’s entirely up to you yell with the low lower limits if you’re betting $10 or $15 then you know like a dollar in front for the dealers it’s much appreciated and then what was going to happen here is that the hand is going to get played out right and then assuming everybody plays correctly here he’s going to want to double on this 13 you know on this saw 14 makes 21 it’s good for him all right and then with this this here make them double makes 20 which is good.